The Fantasy Tour to the Grand Canyon Helicopter

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Now one can leave the busy schedule and the chaotic life of the cities and fly over the Hoover Dam and the Mead Lake to visit the charming and calm West rim of the Grand Canyon. This aerial tour to and fro the Canyon is quite thrilling. The agencies offering the helicopter ride make the transportation convenient as they offer the transportation facility right from the hotel to the Grand Canyon and back. There are guides in the helicopter which helps the travelers to identify the various places and objects on the way and also the Grand Canyon.


The top priorities of the agencies offering helicopter ride

  1. They consider safety as their most primary priority. They even founded the Tour Operators Program of Safety. They maintain their set rules and strictly maintain the self-made regulations for aircraft maintenance and pilot training.
  2. Their next priority is offering comfortable rides to their customers. Hence they even make arranges for pick-ups right from the doorsteps of the hotels or any other place where their customers stay and drop them off to the same place after the helicopter tour is over.
  3. They have the proper license and experience to cover the Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Hence they offer the most exclusive site for landing after reaching the Grand Canyon.
  4. They guide the travelers on the way to the Canyon and show several other things on the way.

Description of the route to the Grand Canyon

The canyon is very different than the casinos and the nightlife of Vegas. It offers a totally different and unique experience to the visitors. There are personal cars or even luxury cars that take the travelers from the hotels and drop them off to the airport or the spot from where the helicopter will start the aerial tour. The helicopters will carry a fixed number of passengers as set by the agency. There are large windows through which one can view the landscapes that pass below when the helicopter flies over them. The pilot will point out different activity locations or destinations and structures like the Hoover Dam that holds a huge amount of water from the Colorado River for the production of electricity for a long stretch of the region, Fortification Hill which is an extinct volcano and the Mead Lake which is man-made and largest in the States. There are also multi-colored walls with orange, crimson and black borders which can be observed over the Grand Canyon. The helicopter will fly down thirty-five thousand feet right into the heart of Grand Canyon and finally land on the outcrop wherever it is comfortable and safe to land. This place is nearly three hundred feet above the Colorado River. The river rushes below, and at the same time, one can enjoy the rocky surrounding. One can enhance the enjoyment with cool beverages like wine, champagne, beer, and some snacks. After the toast is over it is time to head towards the helicopter, meet the pilot and fly back.